Pleasant Pools is one of the few businesses left in the area that will do everything possible to satisfy their customers. The staff for the most part is very knowledgeable and eager to offer assistance, while their service department is reliable and effective. They will test your pool water for free and let you know exactly which chemicals to add to your swimming pool. The prices may be slightly higher than at discount big box stores (think Target or Costco) but that's only because they only deal with the highest quality manufacturers. If you live in Morris County and you're in need of pool chemicals or patio furniture make sure to check out Pleasant Pools, the staff there will be happy to help you out.

Tyler - via NJ.com

Though there are several pool stores in the area, this is the one that I use exclusively now for all my chemicals, repair parts, and general assistance. They are always friendly and helpful, and their prices are lower than all the other stores in the area.

John Worthington - via Google+