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Department 56 collectibles have been enchanting collectors for several decades. What originally began as a single village with six miniature, lighted, winter-themed houses has expanded over the years into a very large assortment of lighted villages, figurines, ornaments, and other gift items. Department 56 collectibles focus primarily on Christmas and winter scenes. Their product list is now immense, and collectors certainly have plenty of options to choose from when they are ready to add new items to their collections.



Precious Moments figurines were introduced to the gift and collectible industry in 1978 when the “Original 21” figurines first launched. Since then, Precious Moments, which remains to be one of the most recognized collectibles in the industry, has expanded business ventures to continue producing products and co-branded merchandise with carefully selected, exceptional brands that align with and complement the goals of the company. Precious Moments continues to be a leader in the gift and collectible industry.




Pick up any hand-painted, blown glass design from Ne’ Qwa Art and you will be holding an amazing art form that dates back more than a thousand years.  The same meticulous hand-painting techniques that captivated emperors and art connoisseurs in centuries past go into each Ne’ Qwa Art decorative accessory today.  In Mandarin, ne’qwa describes this centuries-old artistic tradition of painting on the inside of glass.  Now, Ne’ Qwa Art brings this art tradition to a new level with the addition of licensed art from a variety of renowned artists.




The name Steinbach is recognized all over the world for the unique design of their wood carved Steinbach Nutcracker masterpieces. Begun many years ago by Herr Christian Steinbach (the King of Steinbach Nutcrackers) the tradition of creating fine, hand-carved Steinbach German Nutcrackers is being continued by his daughter, Karla Steinbach. Steinbach’s resourcefulness and outstandingly high standards helped his nutcrackers become world famous. Another key factor came into play, Herr Steinbach began to limit the amount of nutcrackers that where being produced. In doing this, he made his nutcrackers more interesting and special.




World-famous Fontanini figurines originated in Tuscany, Italy. Collectors all over the globe treasure Fontanini nativities and Fontanini nativity figurine sets. The Fontanini figures go through a rigorous process, making them valuable, unique, and extremely high in quality. Fontanini nativities have become a popular choice for Christmas nativity sets, and are highly valued and treasured by all who receive them. Creche collectors appreciate the ease of adding to the set each year, and since the figurines are made of polymer, they are good for households with youngsters or pets as they resist breaking. The Fontanini family have passed the traditions down from one generation to the next, for 100 years.




Bethlehem Lights provides the perfect solution for homeowners who want to bring the beauty of professional-quality decorating to their home. We carry artificial trees, wreaths, and garlands from Bethlehem Lights for your holiday celebration. All products offered by Bethlehem Lights come with an array of light options in vibrant colors, and are vigorously tested to withstand wind and cold.




For more than 100 years, Colonial Candle® has been burning brightly in the homes of America. Our candle story begins in 1905 with Mabel Baker, a former Massachusetts school teacher, who began making hand dipped bayberry taper candles in her tiny Cape Cod kitchen. The candles became so popular with family and friends that she started selling them in her husband’s local hardware store. By 1909, many stores in the Cape Cod area were selling Mrs. Baker’s candles and Colonial Candle® was officially in business.




We Also Carry Grills and Fire Pits that Make Great Christmas Gifts!


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Napoleon Heating & Cooling is proud to be committed to your total home comfort. Time after time, Napoleon has led the way with new and innovative, patented technology. We are proud to say that our products continuously surpass industry standards and our inspiration is you! More than anything we want you to feel confident in choosing Napoleon for your home. Our products are designed to provide that confidence and ensure that every Napoleon Product is beyond compare.



We carry a full line of Ow Lee fire pits. Fire Pits by OW Lee furniture are some of the most popular and sought after items. Each fire pit is manufactured by hand where technicians individually grout every tile with a meticulous attention to detail. With up to 8 finish and 3 tile options available you can customize your outdoor center piece to fit your style and reflect your appreciation of quality and detail.